Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Maley Syndicate Frequently Asked Questions

Please take your time to read through our FAQ. In many cases, users get answers to their questions through this page. To make the best use of our support department, please visit our Support Center.

How do I register on Maley Syndicate?

You can get resitered at, although you can still do the same after downloading the mobile app or visiting our online app.

On what platforms can I use the app?

The mobile app is available on Android and iOS platforms. On desktop, one can access the app online at

What countries does the Company support?

Maley Syndicate provides online access to investors all over the world. However, since we do not process payments, you may need to travel to designated parts of your area for certain banking services.

How much profit can I make?

Given that investors are protected against losses, you can make as much profit as you wish. Your limit is only in how much you invest.

How do you handle losses?

Please refer to returns and losses sections of our investment structure.

Have more questions? Consider using the public chat function available on the app to get into contact with other people who already have experience in the using the app. You can still contact us if this option does not provide a solution to your issue.