What's in it for me?

At Maley Syndicate, you can make up to 100% interest within 1 year of investing regardless of the amount you put in. We make this profit for you by investing into the expansion of existing businesses. Visit our investment structure page for more information.

Welcome to Maley Syndicate, the home of development through transition facilitation in a risk-free style.

Maley Syndicate helps established businesses transition into new markets without having to worry about the risks that come with it. It is our duty to make sure the transition is successful without putting even a  single one of the business owner’s resources at risk.

In so doing, Maley Syndicate accelerates development in areas where these businesses are expanded to. With the establishment of a new business comes an abundance of jobs and competition, which, in tun, create more jobs. This, in the simplest terms, is development.

Would you like to be part of this world changing revolution? Join us today and make a difference.

1. Join Maley Syndicate

Membership is free for a lifetime.

2. Download our Mobile App

Browse a list of projects available for funding, alongside other useful information and functionality. Available for Android and iOS.

3. Choose a Project to Invest In

Pick the project that looks most appealing to you. Commit some funds to it and watch your money grow.

Once a member, you only need to look out for a project that best fits you and you’d be pretty much ready to set things going and watch your money grow. Put some funding into the chosen project and wait for a specified period that is unique for each project as your funds to mature. Restart the cycle as many times as you wish. It is our duty to make sure there is a project available for funding. This asserts that there will always be projects to be funded regardless of how much you may wish to invest.

Aside from just continuously growing your money, you could also effortlessly do something for your local community through us. We take project suggestions from our members, and we take them very seriously. Once a project suggestion is submitted, we look at the provided data and conduct various analysis (including market analysis), thereby enabling us to decide on our next move. Based on our analysis, we’d then post a project that covers the needs of the original suggestion. Should you, the one who originally suggested the project, decide to invest in the project that is published as a result of your suggestion, then you’d make money by doing exactly what you wanted done. That really is the definition of killing two birds with one stone — you’d be creating exponential results from just a little input.